terms & conditions

Primal Integr8


1.No instructor can see how a student feels, therefore only you can experience and interpret your body sensations, you are willing to be honest and take responsibility for your choices in recognising healthy stress vs pain and willing to self modify or ask for assistance if you are not sure. That you are in good health with no injuries or underlying health issues.

2.  When you register, Zoom will send your class link to the exact email address you enter; whether that is your correct email or not is down to you!  Please check it carefully as it will save you stressing 5-minutes before the class starts, when you realise you do not have the class link.  

3.  I highly recommend booking your class spot at least a couple of hours before the class is due to begin – Zoom automatically sends you your class link, but sometimes this is not immediately at the time of booking (typically it can take up to 20-mins to land in your email box – if you don’t see it, check your junk folder too).  

4.  You can cancel your class registration, up to the time of the class, by scrolling to the bottom of your registration email (sent to you by Zoom) and using the link provided.  

5.  Im sorry but I cannot provide refunds or credits; you must manage your class booking via the Zoom registration email.  

6.  If you are a little late to the class you will still gain entry, but you may not appear in the main webinar room (you will remain an ‘attendee’). Classes begin promptly at the advertised start time.  

7.  Links for recorded classes are sent out on the same day of the live class and are available for 6-days. If you do not wish to appear in the recording please turn your camera view off.  

8.  If you would prefer not to receive an email informing you of the class schedule, please reply to this email – no hard feelings!