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Most of us want to grow and perform at our best. Whether it’s within our roles as parents, partners, friends, colleaques, team mates or for self growth.  Giving your body back its options is the key.

Your body needs options when it comes to moving or accomplishing a given daily task. Giving our physical body a strong foundation, preparedness and library of movement options creates more choice to help accomplish life’s tasks and activities with greater ease and enjoyment.

Having a body that’s limited in its natural ranges of movement is like running uphill all day. Your body has to work harder than it should, and you end up increasing your chances of joint discomfort and injuries.

Mobility strength training and bodyweight movement practices can be a way to ensure that our bodies have all the options they need at each and every joint.

 Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®, is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training, which, unlike many current systems, is based in scientific principals and research.

FRC® utilises the latest advancements in scientific knowledge, combined with tried and tested training methods to increase ones active, useable ranges of motion by simultaneously improving articular mobility, strength/resilience, and neurological control.

In essence, this invaluable, and innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move ones own body.


Benefits of FRC Mobility training:

  • Improve mobility and flexibility
  • Improve articular health and longevity
  • Aid rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Build joint strength and control
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Improve body awareness and control

When your body is connected to itself from the ground up, everything else you do stands on the strongest of foundations.

With a growing trend in people wanting a more holistic approach to training, connecting and learning more about their bodies. 
Animal Flow can be the ‘glue’ that helps hold all of your activities together–from sports to corporate life, and everything in between. 

Animal Flow

Mike Fitch is the founder and creator of Animal Flow. It is a ground based movement practise that combines elements from different bodyweight training disciplines, such as gymnastics, yoga, parkour, hand balancing, calisthenics and breakdancing, then combining them with animal locomotion patterns.

Its fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, stability, mobility, and coordination. Its suitable for all levels of movement enthusiasts.

Animal Flow has something for every body!

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Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. – Thich Nhat Hanh