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Embark on a 6-Week Breath Journey with Oxygen Advantage

Are you ready to transform your life, one breath at a time? Welcome to our 6-week Oxygen Advantage Breath Journey, a transformative experience designed to help you unlock your full potential and optimise your health through the power of your breath

Why Choose the 6-Week Oxygen Advantage Breath Journey?

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of certified Oxygen Advantage instructors.
Structured Learning: Our program offers a systematic approach to mastering your breath.
Personalized Support: Enjoy individualized guidance to address your unique needs and goals.
Lasting Benefits: Gain tools and knowledge for a lifetime of improved health and fitness.
Community: Join a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey to better breathing.

What's Included:

Week 1: Introduction to Breath Awareness
Session 1: Welcome and Orientation Welcome participants, introduce the program, and explain its objectives. Provide an overview of the Oxygen Advantage method. Conduct initial assessments, including baseline breath awareness. Session 2: Breathing Fundamentals Explore the mechanics of breathing and its impact on health and performance. Introduce the concept of diaphragmatic breathing. Conduct breath awareness exercises and practice.
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6


Developed by Patrick McKeown, The Oxygen Advantage® uses simple, scientifically proven breathing exercises to help increase health, mental clarity and physical performance. The two foundational pillars are Functional Breathing and Simulation of High Altitude Training. 

BOLT stands for Body Oxygen Level Test. The BOLT score is the time in seconds that you can hold your breath on exhalation until the first definite desire to breathe, (no willpower). It is used as a simple objective measure of chemosensitivity to carbon dioxide (how sensitive your body is to the build-up of CO2 in the blood), or a measure of breathlessness.  To begin take a normal silent breath in and out through your nose, then hold your nose with your fingers and set a stop watch, then try to stay relaxed and wait until the first desire to breath. No willpower involved.  Breathing should be normal as soon as you’ve finished, thats it!

The MBT or Maximum Breathlessness test is a measure of holding your breath using willpower while walking.  To begin exhale normally through the nose and hold, then begin walking at a normal pace and count the maximum number of paces that you can hold your breath for.

Breathing in and out through the nose is preferable to breathing through an open mouth. Breathing through the nose, helps to retain heat and moisture in the body. Mouth breathing causes the loss of 42% more water from the body. Nasal breathing also causes greater resistance to airflow, which contributes to better gas exchange in the lungs. Nasal breathing  de-humidfies the air ready to be taken in through the lungs. There are 30 reasons and counting why we should be breathing through our noses all day everyday!

 I’m taking on clients in person,  and online via zoom

The Primal Breath package includes 4 x 1hr, 1 : 1 coaching sessions price £199. We usually start with four then if any more are required they can be purchased on an individual basis.  Usually a 4-6 week period is a good start to let the breathing exercises take effect and develop an understanding of the exercises, while creating a habit & making the breathing exercises part of your everyday life, also switching to nasal breathing while exercising can take 6-12 weeks depending on where your starting point is and where your goals may be.

Jon Gregory
Jon Gregory
9 May 2023
Not only are the workouts a fun conditioning for your body but linking the moves together at pace is a good workout for the mind. Dave makes the work interesting and fun and everyone in the class are welcoming. I would recommend the Animal Flow classes for anyone looking for something different and look in to the other classes and one to one sessions Dave runs.
Greyt Adventures
Greyt Adventures
21 April 2023
I’ve been going to Primal Integr8’s Animal Flow classes for a few months now and I love it. Dave is a patient and experienced instructor and the classes are varied and fun. I can feel a big difference in my core strength and it’s helping my martial arts too. If you’re looking for a really good workout I highly recommend Animal Flow.


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