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Breath Work

Breathwork involves the conscious control of the breath through specific breathing techniques or patterns to positively affect the body’s wellbeing (physiological/emotional/mental). Breathing exercises have gained scientific recognition for there ability to positively impact the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system.

Originating from ancient practices found across diverse cultures and historical periods, breathwork has evolved as a contemporary tool, highly sort after for optimising performance and wellness in today’s society. Its popularity continues to soar as individuals seek effective ways to enhance their health and vitality, with breathwork earning widespread acclaim for its versatility and efficacy.


Primally our physical bodies are designed to move in complex ways and perform complex tasks, ancestrally this gave us greater movement variety to perform everyday activities.

As our modern day lifestyles become more comfortable and innovative creations take away our need to move we are finding ourselves moving less and less. This ‘comfortable’ lifestyle creates the perfect invitation for restriction, stiffness and ultimately injury.

Jon Gregory
Jon Gregory
9 May 2023
Not only are the workouts a fun conditioning for your body but linking the moves together at pace is a good workout for the mind. Dave makes the work interesting and fun and everyone in the class are welcoming. I would recommend the Animal Flow classes for anyone looking for something different and look in to the other classes and one to one sessions Dave runs.
Greyt Adventures
Greyt Adventures
21 April 2023
I’ve been going to Primal Integr8’s Animal Flow classes for a few months now and I love it. Dave is a patient and experienced instructor and the classes are varied and fun. I can feel a big difference in my core strength and it’s helping my martial arts too. If you’re looking for a really good workout I highly recommend Animal Flow.

Nothing happens until something moves.


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David Tedds,
Primal Integr8